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Share Videos In Real-Time While Seeing Everyone Face-to-Face

It's no secret that video communications improve employee relations and increase knowledge sharing. Add in the ability to share videos during a video meeting and your meeting becomes that much more effective. Show a product demo to a customer or review the latest version of a trailer with a global team during Blue Jeans meetings. It's perfectly synchronized so that all participants can see it at the same time, from any platform, even room systems.


  • Support for standards based file formats
  • Ability to pre-load files to your own personal account for quick access during meetings
  • Synchronous playback across all meeting participants on any platform, including video conferencing room systems, desktops and mobile devices
  • Push to talk feature for meeting participants
  • Ability to scale shared video clip and meeting participants to meet individual needs


  • Collaborate in real-time on video being shared
  • Rich shared experience across geographies and platforms
  • Everyone views the video being shared at the same rate
  • See reactions first hand with video and participants both in view
  • No media players needed to view videos

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