Hd Video Conferencing Equipment
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Hd Video Conferencing Equipment
Blue Jeans Offers Advanced HD Video Conferencing Equipment

Web conference solutions are not adequate if they don't offer HD video conferencing equipment. With Blue Jeams you can share your latest budget-tracking sheet and marketing slides (in high definition), up to 1080p. Blue Jeans offers dual-stream support to seamlessly retain the quality of both the video feed and shared content.

Join video meetings and share HD video from your tablet or mobile phone with the Blue Jeans Android or IOS app. The Blue Jeans iOS app 3G/4G and Wi-Fi enabled and delivers quality video conferencing and rich content sharing. Blue Jeans advanced HD video conferencing equipment:

  • Offers easy cross-platform support
  • Supports a single and easy sign-on and integration with both Google Calendar as well as Outlook for easy and seamless scheduling
  • Easily supports up to 25 end points per meeting, making it perfect for HR interviews, online courses, global team meetings, etc.

Send links, questions and other communications during Blue Jeans online meetings without affecting the flow. Find out more on hd video conferencing equipment by requesting a Blue Jeans free trial.

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