Global All Hands Meeting

Hosting an all hands global meeting is not a simple event; It requires a dependable platform. Learn why you should use BlueJeans for your next event here.

The planning and preparation that goes into planning a global all-hands meeting for your company requires a lot of time and effort. Make it easier on your team by picking a videocasting platform that will help the process along, not slow it down.

Keep reading to see why huge brands like Facebook, Pandora and GoPro all use BlueJeans to host their meetings.

World-Class Security

Hosting a global all-hands meeting is no easy feat and can potentially leave you vulnerable to all kinds of security breaches. However, with our 24/7 monitoring, you never have to worry about the safety of your meeting’s classified information. We employ the use of load balancers, firewall/NAT traversal and proxy servers to keep your data safe and secure. We also perform routine scans for weaknesses within our own network to make sure that we are always evolving and bolstering our security protocol.

Experience the Power of Primetime

Combine the immersive collaborative power of video conferencing with the amazing experience of a live event and you’re beginning to see the power behind BlueJeans Primetime. One event can be broadcasted to 5,000 viewers with another 100 interactive participants. Interactive participants and remote attendees can even go live at the click of a button. BlueJeans Primetime gives you all the controls you need to make sure your global event is a smash hit.

Intelligent Interoperability

In order for collaboration between teams to succeed, communication is key. BlueJeans directly integrates with the biggest third-party communication vendors, such as:

Come see why BlueJeans is the best platform to host a global all-hands meeting. Get your Free Event today!

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Innovative companies listen and engage with their employees through face-to-face meetings, town halls, and all-hands events. But the traditional all-hands doesn't provide the interactivity necessary for a truly engaging experience when your employees are spread across geographic regions.

Fitbit uses BlueJeans Primetime to host all-hands events with up to 5,000 people, all of who can be promoted to speak face-to-face over video. Built on the scalable BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud, the use cases are endless.

Cross Department Meetings
Town Halls
Internall All-Hands
Company-Wide Trainings

Video Communications for everyone, everywhere

EVC Event Recording

Executives at Fitbit, LinkedIn, Viacom, and ADP share how live video has impacted their enterprise and set a new standard for company communications.


Drew Brees Event

To celebrate Super Bowl 50, New Orleans Saints? quarterback Drew Brees held a ?Big Game Chalk Talk? over BlueJeans Primetime to interact one-on-one with fans.