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Free Online Web Conferencing

Blue Jeans Affordable Online Web Conferencing Increases Productivity

Remember when online web conferences were counterproductive due to technology concerns and connectivity issues? Video conferencing collaboration and discussions that were not possible in years past are now available with Blue Jeans. Blue Jeans is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that provides productive, manageable, and secure meetings on most any device, at anytime.

Blue Jeans makes online web conferencing simple with these important features:

  • Seamless video conferencing interoperability.
  • Allows for enhanced video conferencing contributions, such as connecting an enterprise Cisco video conferencing package to a H.323 room video system.
  • Face to face video to enhance the collaboration and productivity of online meetings.
  • Use existing video conferencing devices, including tablets and smart phones, enabling easy connection from anywhere
  • Compelling reduction in travel expenses associated with on-site meetings measurable with Blue Jeans ROI calculator
  • Share your latest marketing slides or budget-tracking spreadsheet in high definition, up to 1080p

The solution to affordable online web conference productivity is here. Try Blue Jeans today to experience the leader in affordable online web conferencing software with a free 14 day trial.



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