Features Of Presentation Software
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Features Of Presentation Software

Leverage Blue Jeans Presentation Software for Easy Online Meetings, Demos and more

If product demonstrations are crucial to your sales efforts and traveling to customer locations for on-site demos isn't a good use of time or money, you should consider a tool that allows you to conduct effective, high quality demos from anywhere. Blue Jeans Network's cloud based collaboration platform let's you have that "in-person" experience while effectively demonstrating your product over video conferencing. Demos can be recorded and shared with the client who can then share it internally with others to help speed the decision making process.

Using Blue Jeans collaboration platform you can share spreadsheets, video clips, presentations and more while simultaneously seeing everyone in the meeting. What's better than looking your prospect in the eyes and getting first hand feedback while trying to close that sale? Just think, in the time it takes to travel to a customer location, you could have seen 3-4 customers over Blue Jeans. Talk about increasing productivity!

Blue Jeans cloud-based service offers:

  1. Real-time, HD screen sharing, up to 1080p resolution
  2. Support for any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops and traditional room based video systems
  3. Multiple layout options and controls ensuring each attendee has the best possible experience
  4. Support for up to thousands of users
  5. Easy browser based interface that makes meetings easy to schedule, join and control
  6. Reporting capabilities that give IT admins critical information about how the service is being used, who is using it, peak times and more

Interested in learning more or giving Blue Jeans a try? Sign up for our free 14 day trial and see if Blue Jeans can help you close business faster while improving client satisfaction!



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