Face To Face Meetings Vs Online Meetings
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Face To Face Meetings Vs Online Meetings
The Benefits of Blue Jeans Online Meetings Vs Face-to-Face Communication.

Nothing can substitute the benefits of a face-to-face communication. In an expanding business scenario, traveling to meet customers and other team members is always not economical or feasible. Though we can communicate phone messages and email, it has a chance of getting misinterpreted. Furthermore, the personal connect is not established.

How do companies encounter the challenge of staying connected to their workforce? Advanced video conferencing on Cloud is what connects the 3D workforce. It help companies leverage the potential of face-to-face meetings through video, from any location or device.

Blue Jeans also boosts productivity and collaboration with its user-friendly and scalable cloud platform that makes face-to-face online meetings easy with easy content sharing all over the conference rooms, mobile devices and desktops . Blue Jeans allows every service and devices connected to the same online video meeting for any-device collaboration.

  • H.323/SIP Room as well as TelePresence systems
  • Mobile devices
  • Web browsers
  • PSTN audio
  • The software-based video clients

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