Cloud Based Video Conference For It

Looking for a new telecom service that was designed specifically for your IT team? Learn why BlueJeans is the best cloud-based video conference for IT platform out there.

Utilizing cloud-based technology has freed up storage space in company server rooms across the globe. That’s right, operating a business no longer requires racks of your own servers and hard drives. So take advantage of BlueJeans — a cloud-based video conference for IT platform trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Pandora, Facebook and GoPro.

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Command Center

The BlueJeans Command Center gives you complete control with a full suite of back-end controls and adjustable metrics to tweak overall call quality. Command Center also displays top-level data in easy-to-understand graphs so that users of any skill level can interpret them. This includes:

  • Key Feature Utilization
  • Total Service Utilization Over Time
  • Geographic Participant Distribution Maps
  • Top Users and Departments

BlueJeans Command Center also lets it monitor and resolve any technical errors as they occur in real-time so your org’s productivity doesn’t dip.

World Class Security 

When it comes to cloud-based platforms, there are some understandable concerns regarding security — none of which we ignored. We have 24-hour monitoring on all of our data centers by a team of professional security personnel. We employ load balancers, a firewall/NAT traversal and proxy servers designed to keep your data safe and secure. We also perform routine scans for weaknesses within our network, which keep our security protocol evolving and thriving.


In order for collaboration between teams to succeed, communication is key. Which is why BlueJeans developed functionality with the biggest third party communication vendors, such as:

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Costs Of Video Conferencing

Historically, video?s cost and complexity of video were too great to facilitate the widespread adoption of video. Today, the cost of video conferencing varies from free to paying out the nose for high-end telepresence systems. What we now know is that costly systems don?t necessarily provide a better experience. The latest web cams and browser based solutions are drastically changing how people deploy video. Blue Jeans makes video conferencing a breeze. Experience ease of use and wide compatibility with a vast array of devices and software from room systems, to desktop video solutions and support for mobile devices.

Our video conferencing features include:

  • Multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability
  • Scalable cloud service
  • Easy administration tools
  • Content sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • In-meeting controls

"After a thorough evaluation of every tool in the market, from POC to Pilot, we have fully standardized on BlueJeans based on the tremendous positive experience and feedback of our users. We use BlueJeans for Interviewing, Training, to help establish Culture match, drive F2F interactions, distributed Internal and External meetings from San Francisco to Singapore, Dublin to Sydney where audio-only just doesn't cut it. In a nutshell, BlueJeans helps LinkedIn communicate better."

Sam Lewis

Global Lead, Sales

"With over 3,000 yearly events spread across 165 countries, we have TEDx organizers in every corner of the globe. Online video is the perfect way for us to connect, and this tool is making it possible for us to do this in large groups like never before. We're excited about deploying the BlueJeans Events product to keep our TEDx organizers better connected."

Alex Rudloff

Chief Digital Strategist

"I am excited to partner with BlueJeans Network. I founded The Players' Tribune with the goal to capture the voice of the game, with first-person stories directly from athletes. Now with BlueJeans' interactive video capabilities, we can empower athletes and contributors to engage directly, face-to-face with each other, and with their fans in new and unique ways."

Derek Jeter

Former MLB Player

"With over 300,000 communities and global offices, face-to-face communication is vital to engaging with our global fan base. With BlueJeans Primetime, we'll be able to connect and collaborate virtually and with a personal touch, allowing us to be inclusive at the scale of our growing business."

Zack Blum

IT Manager

"The BlueJeans community has been a great additional ? and free ? resource for soliciting feedback on product ideas, best practices and deployment strategies. At Red Hat, we value open collaboration, and that's just what BlueJeans provides through direct access to BlueJeans experts and other knowledgeable advocates."

Ash Azzopardi

Principal Advanced Communication Engineer