Cloud-based Video Collaboration
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Cloud-based Video Collaboration
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Cloud Computing

Today's world has seen collaboration expanding beyond an organization's physical walls. People are no longer working with only their in-house teams; more collaboration is occurring, both with the business community as a whole and with customers. Modern businesses are now more than ever relying on assistance from external organizations to meet their goals. Today's workforce demands technology that allows everyone to participate in online meetings with ease.

As organizations seek solutions to simplifying communication and increase efficiency, there is a growing need to enable a higher degree of face-to-face video collaboration between employees, whether they are participating from within a company or externally. In order for this need to be met, there must be a scalable solution that can be easily used by all.

Cloud collaboration can be implemented with a company's existing collaboration tools to allow companies to maximize existing investments and benefit from the flexibility that cloud-based integration provides. Blue Jeans offers instant deployment without need for companies to do away with their current set of systems and processes. Our solution also connects all users securely to a single platform.

Cloud Computing's Power

Enterprise 2.0 technologies exist in order to help companies integrate web-based technologies into their networks and processes. Generally, these web-based technologies combine collaborative systems with social software to leverage the power of cloud computing. This allows businesses to collaborate in an environment that's both scalable and secure. Blue Jeans' cloud collaboration service allows companies easy access to virtual meetings online no matter where the participant is located, offering companies a significant competitive advantage.

Use of Fewer IT Resources

It has always been a challenge for CIOsscare deployment.

Meanwhile, cloud-based services eliminate the need for the purchase of hardware, deployment or maintenance by staff. For IT personnel, the adoption of Blue Jeans' cloud collaboration tools provides them with the freedom to concentrate on more strategic company activities.

The Power of Cloud Computing

Enterprise 2.0 technologies strategically integrate web-based technologies into the networks and processes of an enterprise. It generally combines the use of collaborative systems and social software. It leverages the power of cloud computing to allow businesses to collaborate on projects over a scalable and secure online environment. Blue Jeans' cloud collaboration service makes it easy to access virtual meetings online at any time, regardless of location, offering a huge competitive advantage to adopters.

Free Up IT Resources

It has always been a challenge for CIOsbased services do not require hardware purchase, initial deployment or technical maintenance by users. For IT personnel, the adoption of cloud collaboration tools like Blue Jeans' solution will give them the freedom to focus on activities that are more strategic to the company.

More Than Face-to-Face

Without a doubt, cloud collaboration is now one of the simplest and least-stressful ways for people to collaborate. However, the ability to connect online with a team regardless of individual locations is just one issue of many. Cloud-based conferencing and collaboration lets users do much more, with a virtually endless list of benefits to boot. A rich cloud-based collaboration tool will let users not only communicate face-to-face virtually, but also to share content and view it, provide comments and feedback, trade ideas and discuss issues. The end result is tasks that are completed in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

Make Your Business Agile

Because cloud collaboration based solutions mean deployment is immediate, making these services ready to be used almost immediately. The Blue Jeans video conferencing service exists completely in the cloud, meaning there is no need for software updates or security patches to be applied. There is no system migration or similar cumbersome IT tasks that unfortunately accompany the installation of traditional business software. This means a company can be completely assured that your organization is using the most current version of our service all of the time.

Blue Jeans cloud-based collaboration solution has also been designed to deliver the capacity needed for video communication on user devices. In-the-cloud Trans coding is handled by Blue Jeans to deliver a service that is highly scalable and perpetually available. This ensures all users receive the correct format on their device for CPU usage optimization as well as the dynamic network adjustment this requires. Our video conferencing solution also offers greater flexibility over on premise infrastructure by allowing users to adjust the capability of the solution for their unique needs.

Freedom to Collaborate

Blue Jeans' cloud-based video collaboration service removes restrictions on content sharing so that more interaction and participation between team members can occur. All participants can engage in file and content sharing, whether it is documents or videos and images. Blue Jeans supports dual stream technology, which allows participants to share screens in addition to displaying shared content as live video of participants is simultaneously displayed. This allows the speaker the ability to see participant reactions as they monitor them during discussions.

Blue Jeans cloud technology also allows information and content sharing to be seamless, regardless of whether sharing occurs inside or outside an organization. Participants have the freedom to use just about any device, including their iPhones, iPads or Android device to join a Blue Jeans meeting securely, even from outside the company's firewall.

Partner with Blue Jeans

Our cloud-based service has increased the cost-effectiveness of online video conferencing as well as creating a more dynamic solution that exists at a level sufficient for your business needs. Make the most of face-to-face communication through the Blue Jeans cloud collaboration service. Contact us to learn more about our solutions or start your free trial now!


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