Can Video-First Collaboration Aid Sales Teams?

Transform the way your sales department collaborates and reach new business. 

It’s an exciting time to be in business. Globalization has opened many opportunities for companies to expand and form partnerships across the world. But there’s a catch. How can businesses acquire new clients and investors without having to hop on an international flight every few days? The costliness of constant sales travel affects business large and small, although small businesses spend approximately 24 percent more when their employees hit the road.

How can your sales team keep all the benefits of face-to-face meetings—like body language cues and camaraderie—without the high associated costs of travel? Video conference systems allow sales teams to collaborate with prospective clients and partners in a much more personal manner than email and phone could afford, but without the upheaval of having to leave the office and hop on a plane every time they want to deliver a pitch.

How Body Language Can Spell Sales

The last thing your company wants is to conduct an impersonal, or even alienating, sales meeting. In an ideal world, your team would be on-site to shake hands, make extensive eye contact, and glean context clues from the surrounding environment. It’s good news for businesses that video-first communication can uphold most of these non-verbal connections.

If your sales pitch over the phone is met with radio silence, it could mean the client has major reservations. Or, the client could just be thinking. The physical separation makes it almost impossible to tell how the meeting is going and what to say next. Likewise, trying to conduct sales via email leaves too much room for ambiguity. Punctuation, tone, and response time are not enough to help your team analyze the likelihood of closing a sale!

Hosting video-based sales meetings in real time allows your team to observe and respond to clients in the right ways. They can also work hard to convey the best body language for sales with eye contact, open posture, and an overall confident presence. Video-first communication gives your team a chance to make a real impression based on visual cues.

Building A Tech-Savvy Company Culture

Your company’s culture and level of innovation have a lot to do with the tools you use daily. How quickly can your clients reach you? If half of your sales team is in-house and half is remote, does your company have a plan in place to seamlessly integrate their perspective when needed?

As two leaders at Workday write for Harvard Business Review, it’s useful to think of your company as a living organism. Its values are the heart, its organizational structures and actual processes are the brain, and the technology your company uses is the nervous system that makes sure all the right signals are firing and connecting.

Is your company ready to incorporate video-first collaboration into its sales repertoire and organizational culture at large? HD video conferencing from BlueJeans Network can help your team turn any mobile device, conference room, or laptop into a hub for important company communications.

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Costs Of Video Conferencing

Historically, video?s cost and complexity of video were too great to facilitate the widespread adoption of video. Today, the cost of video conferencing varies from free to paying out the nose for high-end telepresence systems. What we now know is that costly systems don?t necessarily provide a better experience. The latest web cams and browser based solutions are drastically changing how people deploy video. Blue Jeans makes video conferencing a breeze. Experience ease of use and wide compatibility with a vast array of devices and software from room systems, to desktop video solutions and support for mobile devices.

Our video conferencing features include:

  • Multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability
  • Scalable cloud service
  • Easy administration tools
  • Content sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • In-meeting controls

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Derek Jeter

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Principal Advanced Communication Engineer