Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions
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Boardroom Video Conferencing Solutions
Making Video Conferencing More Affordable

Scalability and affordability have extended video conferencing way beyond the boardroom to address the demands of today's growing mobile workforce. Cloud-based video conferencing has made it even easier for companies to leverage the benefits of video conferencing.

Benefits include:

  • Face-to-face contact without having to travel
  • Successful transfer of knowledge, reducing duplication of work while improving productivity
  • Personal interaction that is critical for businesses wanting a competitive advantage
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Building a trusting relationship with customers and partners
  • Improved company training, ensuring everyone gets the same level of training regardless of location

Traditional video conferencing deployments are expensive and limited in connectivity to the outside world. Small to medium businesses haven't traditionally been able to deploy high-quality video and been left to use "freemium" video chat solutions that don't provide an optimal experience and require everyone to use the same solution.

Blue Jeans Network has turned the traditional video conferencing model upside down and built a solution with no limitations. Blue Jeans is cloud based which means its accessible to anyone, anywhere and Blue Jean is interoperable. Users can join meetings from the device or software platform of their choice! Best of all, Blue Jeans is feature rich making it easy to share videos and content, record meetings, change layouts, control meetings and more.

If you're ready to have better meetings, improve productivity and see your customers on a regular basis, give Blue Jeans a try with our free 14-day trial.



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