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Audio Conferencing Web
Healthcare Providers Use Blue Jeans Audio Conferencing Web Solutions

Blue Jeans cloud-based audio conferencing web solutions allow primary care providers to consult medical experts for critical diagnoses. Both parties can join the same meeting from a video service of their choice. Treatment is not over the moment a patient leaves a healthcare institution. Patients can use Blue Jeans to connect to recommended group therapy sessions to recover completely.

Healthcare service providers use Blue Jeans audio conferencing web service for:

  • Hosting group therapy meetings for oncology patients allowing them connect remotely via video conferencing
  • Connecting the users room with multiple oncology centers for better knowing transfers
  • Allowing psychiatrists to connect with patients via a web browser
  • Allowing doctors and healthcare professionals with iPads to video-conference and address emergency situations

Use Blue Jeans to share patient health information with your colleagues and arrive quickly at the treatment decision. Blue Jeans NAT and firewall encryption keeps all online meetings and your company secure. This helps you to stay compliant with the healthcare compliance regulation management guidelines. If you want to know more about Blue Jeans read the information shared belwo.


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