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BlueJeans Teams Up with NREN

Canada’s National Research and Education Network offers BlueJeans’ best-in-class video conferencing solutions to enhance distance learning.

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Boosting Virtual Classroom Engagement

The National Research and Education Network (NREN) is an essential collective of infrastructure, tools, and people that bolsters Canadian leadership in research, education and innovation. CANARIE and its thirteen provincial and territorial partners form Canada’s NREN. It connects to a global web of more than 100 NRENs around the world that are dedicated to the unique needs of research facilities and higher education institutions. In Canada, the NREN also connects teaching hospitals, libraries, museums, innovation centres, federal research labs, and in some provinces, K-12 schools.

Video Conferencing for Education

What sets BlueJeans apart:


Enterprise-grade Security

Protect employee and trainer privacy with meeting passwords and IDs, locked meetings, and enterprise-grade encryption, included with BlueJeans corporate learning and training tools.

Collaboration Board

Collab Board

Allows teams to bring their ideas, thoughts, and content together on a virtual whiteboard that fosters creativity, agility, and engagement while working remotely. 

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions

BlueJeans’ Breakouts support up to 75-concurrent sessions and offers the chance for deeper engagement with colleagues and enhanced communication options.


World-Class Audio & Video

Ensure that everyone in class can see each other clearly with HD Video, and hear each other without distractions with Dolby Voice®.

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings

Capture the most important discussion points, assign action items, review meeting summaries and watch quick recaps with Smart Meetings.

Weatherperson Mode

Weatherperson Mode

Immerse your participants in your shared content with this new mode, enabling the presenter to overlay themselves onto the screen.

Unlimited Education Potential

Unleash Virtual Classroom Creativity

Education in Virtual Classroom

Adopt Innovative Teaching Techniques

Whether co-teaching a course with a professor from a different school or inviting subject matter experts into the classroom, BlueJeans offers endless possibilities for class enrichment.

Embrace Flexible Schedules

Provide students and teachers with a platform that allows them to make the most of their day and still attend office hours, virtual tutoring, and mentoring sessions from anywhere.

Boost Study Group Effectiveness

Arm students with an always-on collaboration platform that enables them to easily revisit online coursework and join together to complete group projects and prepare for tests.

Improve Departmental Collaboration

Streamline department and administrative meetings with a video conferencing platform that is focused on meeting productivity and optimized for virtual engagement.

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