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Client Services

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Delight your customers

BlueJeans helps you deliver the high-touch experience customers expect. Whether you’re using a conference room system, laptop, or mobile device, instantly connect and take care of business with modern, face-to-face video meetings featuring Dolby Voice.

Why BlueJeans for Client Services

Provide more dynamic, personal and effective support

BlueJeans Zero Download

Zero download meetings 

Ensure that customers always receive premium, face-to-face support regardless of their computer configuration or settings by using BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser.

Enhanced Collaboration

Content collaboration 

Visually demonstrate results by easily sharing presentations, spreadsheets, and videos with customer, or instantly troubleshoot with remote desktop control.

Exceptional Mobility

Exceptional mobility

Connect with customers regardless of your location by using the BlueJeans mobile app to provide the type of personalized attention that drives customer loyalty.

Enrich the Client Experience

Transform customer support


Improved customer satisfaction

Build dynamic, ongoing relationships and provide prompt customer response times.

Enhanced reach and convenience

Speak to clients from any video-enabled room, device or browser and deliver first class service.

Reduce costs

Cut travel to client sites and reduce costs by meeting face-to-face through live video calls.

Empower end users

Eliminate IT staff involvement with one-touch joining and easy scheduling of conference calls.

Keep customer trust 

Safeguard interactions and ensure data is protected with enterprise-grade security.

Customer Story

Hear how Octopus Group is transforming client connections every day using video.

Watch Video

Deliver white glove customer service with live video calling.