While most meetings average 3 – 5 participants, occasionally we have the need to have meetings of up to 25 different participants. Large video meetings can be very productive and valuable, however if not managed properly it is easy for them to get out of hand and become disruptive, especially from an audio perspective. Here are some tips to ensure you have a successful large meeting. We would recommend leveraging these features when having meetings above 10 users.

Mute participants upon entry 

Blue Jeans users can turn this option on while scheduling a meeting or during the meeting using the moderator control panel. 


1. To enable during scheduling, expand the Advanced Meeting Options and check 'Mute Participants On Entry.'


2. To turn this on in the meeting have the moderator click on the moderator tab at the bottom right

Then check the 'Mute participants on entry' check box

Leverage the push to talk feature

As users join the meeting it is important to let them know they are muted upon entry. If they have any questions or feedback throughout the meeting let them know they can use the Blue Jeans push to talk option. This feature allows muted participants to temporarily unmute by holding down their space bar on their Mac or PC. When the space bar is released the user immediately goes back to being muted. Participants joining via video on their browsers or by pairing browsers with their room systems can leverage this feature. Keep in mind the Blue Jeans browser needs to be the active window for this to work. You can find more information regarding this feature here.

Leverage the chat feature

Some users may find it more convenient to ask questions or give feedback via the chat feature instead of unmuting.

1. Click on the Chat tab in the top right. You will then be able to send and receive messages to all participants in the meeting.

Have a co-pilot

If you are going to be the primary speaker and driving content and the conversation, it may be good to have someone else schedule and moderate the meeting. This allows them to mute any endpoints that are the source of audio disturbances, remove anyone who should not be in the meeting, answer questions via chat, etc. We hope you find these tips useful when managing a large scale meeting. As always, if you have any questions about this tech tip or any other items from previous weeks, please feel free to reach out to your Blue Jeans Sales Engineering team.