At Blue Jeans Network we continually strive to improve our service by focusing on the overall UX (user experience) as well as new features and capabilities. On Tuesdays, our Sales Engineering team will talk about a different tip to get you better acquainted with the service and to get the most out of your meetings. For this installment, they'll walk you through how to navigate a Cisco C20 touch screen for your Blue Jeans video meetings. 

Did you know that you could host Blue Jeans video meetings on H.323 or SIP video conferencing systems? Many H.323 and SIP video conferencing endpoints have multiple control solutions available to them aside from the standard remote controls. These can be third party options from manufacturers such as Crestron, or AMX touch panels, or they can be solutions that are endpoint manufacturer provided as an add on option.The Cisco C20 and Cisco SX are slick touch screens that may be unfamiliar to those who have only used remotes. The following steps will help you navigate the Cisco C20 touch screen while in a Blue Jeans meetings:

  • Make a Blue Jeans Call
  • Turn on self-view and adjust the camera
  • Share content
  • Check call stats on the C20

So what is the touch panel we are talking about?

This touch panel will give you all the control options you would typically use on the standard Tandberg/Cisco remote control.

Make a Blue Jeans Call

Click on the Blue Jeans Net in the History field or in the favorites and select Start. (Fig.1a-1c)

Fig. 1a

Next click the green Start button. This will initiate the call to Blue Jeans. (Fig. 1b)

Fig. 1b

Enter the meeting ID, to launch the DTMF pad, click on the Touch Tones icon. (Fig. 1c)

Fig. 1c

Turn on self-view and adjust zoom and camera angle

Fig. 2a

Click on the self-view icon in the top right (Fig. 2a)

Adjust the Zoom and the Camera Angle by clicking on More and then Camera Control (Fig. 2b)


You will then be presented with the option to zoom in/out and pan left/right up/down with the camera. (Fig. 2c)

Share a presentation

Sharing content on the C20 takes two steps. First plug in the VGA cable to your laptop. Second, click on the Presentation icon. (Fig. 3)

Fig. 3

Check call stats on the C20

Click on the More and Call Settings buttons (Fig 4a-4b)

Fig. 4a

Click on Call Status, this will show you your video and audio codecs, call rate, protocol, encryption, jitter and packet loss (Fig 4b)

Fig. 4b

As always, if you have any questions on this feature please feel free to reach out to your Sales Engineer team here at Blue Jeans Network.