Admit it, we just can’t take it easy anymore. Summer used to be a time marked by long sunny days that were perfected with a tall glass of sweet tea and vine ripened fruit.

These days, summer time means busy parents rushing through traffic to make their morning meetings after chauffeuring their kids to yet another summer camp; managers hustling to make sure effective team collaboration doesn’t stop as their employees take a much deserved break.

At Blue Jeans Network, we are constantly challenging the status quo and asking ourselves, “How can we make video collaboration even easier for everyone?” We believe that combining the right technology with attentive customer service leads to an easier collaboration experience that’s both accretive to your culture and sensible to your bottom line.

Although we are proud of what we have achieved today, as the old saying goes, “You can’t win today’s football game with yesterday’s touchdowns.” So how do we advance the ball even further when it comes to ease of use? We do so by teaming up with a company such as AT&T that share our ideals around product, technology, and service.

Blue Jeans is proud to announce that AT&T NetBond customers can now enjoy their Blue Jeans meetings over AT&T’s world-class private MPLS network. We connected our clouds so that customers have the ability to easily scale their network capacity to suit their video conferencing needs through a simple, easy to use portal. It’s a sure fire win for customers who value ease-of-use and on-demand scaling that only a provider like AT&T can offer through their NetBond platform.

For us, “easy” goes beyond just the UI and actually starts under the hood:

  • Anxiety-free, always-on meetings that customers trust to move the needle for their business 
  • Security designed from the ground up to ensure that your meetings are kept from prying eyes and ears
  • World-class support with engineers who are obsessed with solving your complex video conferencing problems

Let AT&T NetBond and Blue Jeans Network make summer easy for you again!

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