Spring is arriving in a few short days, marking the close of one seasonal cycle and the start of the next. Late comedian and Bay Area son, Robin Williams, captured this sentiment exactly when he said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”  To my old soul, spring has always represented the dichotomy of “completion” and “untapped potential” where we can take stock of where we’ve been and look forward expectantly to the road ahead. 

Many seasons ago, Blue Jeans Network started with the goal of providing the best cloud-based video conferencing experience.  Through years of investment in infrastructure coupled with a practical, no-nonsense approach to engineering, Blue Jeans has disrupted traditional conferencing players by offering a service that’s secure, high-performing, and cost-effective.  Thousands of customers have not only signed up for the service, but also have become huge advocates for Blue Jeans. 

We couldn’t have achieved this success without the help of our channel partners, such as Level 3.  They have become a key resale partner over the past few years and we stand in mutual admiration for the quality of engineering, products, and people found at our respective companies. 

Today, as we approach a new season, we are taking the next step in our deepening relationship and announcing that Blue Jeans has become a member of Level 3’s Cloud Connect ecosystem. What this means for customers is that they can now optionally choose to have their Blue Jean conferencing data travel over Level 3’s award winning IP-VPN private network solution.

Customers will enjoy:

  • Additional security over the already trusted Blue Jeans service
  • Increased performance and reliability
  • Guaranteed quality of service for your applications

For more information on the solution and how customers can benefit from this new offering, please visit: http://your.level3.com/bluejeans

Both Level 3 and Blue Jeans will be at the Enterprise Connect Expo at Orlando taking place on March 16th to March 18th so please stop by to speak with one of our representatives.

So as a newly minted member of the Level 3 Cloud Connect Ecosystem, here’s to new beginnings and a giant first step on an exciting road ahead!