We’re proud of our customers. You constantly impress us with stories of how you use Blue Jeans to innovate, collaborate, and give back to others–including giving to Habitat for Humanity.


Huh? What’s that?


Now, if you refer a friend to Blue Jeans and they sign up for a free trial, we’ll give you a $25 Amazon gift card. More importantly, we’ll also give $25 to Habitat for Humanity, on your behalf.


If your friend loves it and becomes a Blue Jeans customer, you also receive your choice of either 1 free Primetime event or a $250 Visa gift card. So together let’s give back! Here are some of our favorite examples of companies that use Blue Jeans to make a difference.


Team Rubicon - when disaster strikes, Team Rubicon responds. Using Blue Jeans, response teams from their 10 regional offices collaborate for the solution. Whether it’s real-time equipment training for volunteers over video, screen-sharing spreadsheets with resource tallies, or real-time brainstorms, time is always their most critical resource.


Seattle Children’s Hospital uses Blue Jeans to make clinical decisions that doctors and specialists would normally have to travel to make–spending time that patients may not have. Blue Jeans also facilitates learning on calls between care providers rather than on the go in front of patients. Blue Jeans saves the hospital time and money on travel while enabling them to provide a higher quality of care to their patients.


When we hear cases like these, it makes our team proud of what we do. So let’s keep the giving going strong with the referral program.