Once in awhile, there comes along an application that defies the norm and spreads like wildfire. This application delights users with intuitive as well as friendly UI, powerful search, and extensive integrations. This application is Slack.

Along with Slack’s tremendous user growth comes the growth in the number of integrations that Slack currently supports, with nearly 80 integrations now available in Slack’s integration store. Slack’s robust APIs and highly responsive team make it easy for 3rd party developers to build integrations for Slack. In fact, as recently as this summer, Slack customers have enabled over 900,000 integrations for their teams.

As a Slack user, I can attest to messaging with multiple colleagues only to realize that I couldn’t effectively communicate my ideas without a face-to-face meeting. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most members of my team are located in India. Short of inventing teleportation, it would not be possible for me to easily meet with my globally-distributed team members without leaving Slack until now.

This brings me to Blue Jeans. Blue Jeans is another success story and testament to when great market potential meets technical innovation and excellent product design. Regardless of how many back-to-back meetings I schedule with team mates located in Mountain View and Bangalore or if I am working remotely, Blue Jeans consistently comes to my rescue. I can rely on Blue Jeans to save me from excessive travel by providing video collaboration through the desktop, mobile app or a video conferencing room system. The most important and visionary point is that, at its core, Blue Jeans doesn’t care what device you are using, only that you have an internet connection. That is powerful.

Looking beyond the surface of our video collaboration offering, Blue Jeans has developed a robust platform of APIs that can connect to messaging applications like Slack. That said, coming off our exciting $75.6 million Series E funding announcement, we’ve also just announced general availability of the Blue Jeans integration for Slack. I am delighted that two of my favorite applications have formed a happy API-enabled union.

The Blue Jeans integration for Slack allows users to easily initiate Blue Jeans video meetings with a simple /bluejeans slash command without leaving Slack. The beautiful thing is that now I can meet more efficiently by combining two of my favorite applications: Slack (...for amazing messaging capabilities) and Blue Jeans (...for robust video collaboration). Please navigate to https://slack.com/integrations and click on Blue Jeans, if you would like to try the Blue Jeans integration for Slack.

You can look forward to many more integrations in the near future... Simon Tumansky Product Manager, Integrations