BlueJeans for Slack

An easy on-ramp to enterprise-grade video from your Slack workflow

If Slack is your standardized messaging application, BlueJeans offers an easy on-ramp to high-quality video communications. If you already use BlueJeans and Slack, multi-party video meetings are now just an easy click away from anywhere in the Slack workflow. There's no need to leave Slack to host a meeting. Simply use the slash command /bluejeans in any channel, private group, or direct message and join with full moderator controls.Team mates or guests simply click on the BlueJeans meeting link in Slack to join.

Participants can:

  • Launch their personal meetings or set up ad-hoc sessions with a unique meeting ID.
  • Easily invite external parties without ever leaving Slack.
  • Initiate, invite and join from any supported endpoint including Slack’s mobile client.
  • Create unlimited single-use BlueJeans meetings.
  • Manage other participants with full moderator controls (as hosts).


  • HD video meetings with up to 100 interactive participants.
  • Easy to Deploy. No equipment to purchase, support or manage.
  • Easy to Manage. Extend video communications to everyone, even between those using different messaging solutions.
  • Works seamlessly through corporate Single Sign On solutions.


By integrating your BlueJeans service with Slack, a seamless multi-party video experience is now at your fingertips.

Interested in video communication? Try BlueJeans free for 14 days.

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