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Now in partnership with Internet2

Internet2 and Blue Jeans Network have partnered through the NET+ Initiative, to offer a cloud based video conferencing service to the higher education community that eliminates the need for expensive, dedicated video hardware or software.

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View this videocast to learn more about how Wharton school leverages cloud-based video conferencing to connect students, staff and faculty across distances and about Internet2's Net+ initiative.

Key Benefits:

Internet2 Backbone Access

The direct connection between the Internet2 Network and the Blue Jeans cloud ensures that all Blue Jeans video meetings leverage the advanced Internet2 backbone. This ensures high-quality meetings that are resilient with minimum packet loss, latency and jitter.

Single Sign-On Integration

Students, faculty and staff can use their existing campus login credentials to access the Blue Jeans service. Blue Jeans supports Single Sign-On (SSO) through leading federated identity management applications like Shibboleth, ADFS, Okta, Ping Identity and many more.

Trusted Service

All Internet2 customers can have peace of mind as Blue Jeans underwent a thorough security review of its cloud-based infrastructure by the Chief Information Security Officers of the five participating universities during the Internet2 NET+ Service Validation process. Further, members enjoy standard agreements and the best possible pricing and terms for Blue Jeans.

Value for Higher Ed

Blue Jeans pricing through Internet2 is based solely on the number of faculty and staff at the university; all students, regardless of school size, get access for free. This means everyone within the university will be able to host unlimited meetings, use unlimited minutes, and join using any video-enabled endpoint; all for one flat fee for up to 3 years.

Customer Testimonials:

The vision of bridging classroom video conferencing systems with handheld mobile devices was made possible with Blue Jeans Network.
Dan Alig, Chief Information Officer
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
We find new use cases for Blue Jeans daily; it’s been used for everything from student debates, remote collaboration and presentations, to meetings with clinical faculty located in hospitals and pharmacies across the state. Blue Jeans and the Internet2 partnership reinforce our dedication to enabling effective collaboration for our students, faculty, and staff.
Casey Emerson, Director of Education Technology
University of North Carolina – Eshelman School of Pharmacy
USF's interest in procuring Blue Jeans was to provide seamless service and support between its various conferencing tools supporting the academic, research and business enterprise. Ranging from Telepresence to H.323 to desktop conferencing solutions, Blue Jeans has immediately improved the university’s ability to collaborate and communicate across multiple platforms.
Lynn Rejniak - Executive Director, Academic Systems and Technology
University of South Florida
Blue Jeans extends the life and reach of our traditional video conferencing systems. The open platform and broad interoperability lets students and faculty host and join more collaborative lectures, meetings and research sessions from wherever they are. Blue Jeans is high quality and so easy to use that anyone unable to attend a session in person now has a solution that works and is just as effective.
Tim O’Neil, Associate Director, Media Technology Services
Brandeis University

Universities and learning institutions are currently using Blue Jeans to…

  • Connect 300 remote advanced calculus students to the instructor's lecture hall room system
  • Host guest speakers in lectures, such as faculty at other institutions and industry professionals
  • Teach online sign language courses, leveraging video to enable real-time communication and learning
  • Allow students to have videoconference interviews with law firms through their on-campus career center
  • Enable students at satellite sites to collaborate from locations such as Portugal, China, India, and Silicon Valley
  • Hold nightly shared seminars with multiple universities in the states and abroad with 25-100 students, some in classrooms and some joining from laptops
  • Conduct 2-hour open Q&A "virtual office hours" with professors in both China and Germany
  • Facilitate online meetings for executive MBA students who are employees of Fortune 500 companies and travel for work

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