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Connecting brands and followers with live, interactive video.

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You can join the elite group of brands, celebrities, and public figures who can engage their followers with live, interactive video.

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Key Capabilities

  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous video streams
  • Interactive video attracts instant attention and enduring replays
  • Use your webcam, mobile device, video conferencing room system, or professional A/V equipment for broadcast-quality video and sound

How will you engage your followers?

Combining the scale and reach of Facebook with the interactivity and engagement of video, BlueJeans for Facebook Live is an ideal platform for:

  • New Product Launches
  • Community Outreach
  • Training & Group Discussion
  • Live Event Streaming
  • Interviews & Roundtable Debates

BlueJeans for Facebook Live: It's a Promotional Powerhouse

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