Blue Jeans for Salesforce®

Collaborate more effectively and
close faster with video meetings


Face-to-face interactions are proven to be the most productive, efficient and engaging form of communication. Blue Jeans for Salesforce is the first app to bring the power of integrated face-to-face video communication to Salesforce, letting you easily collaborate with business contacts on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns and projects—without ever leaving Salesforce or Chatter.

Blue Jeans for Salesforce is a version of the Blue Jeans service tailor-made for Salesforce users.


  • Video conferencing + screen sharing within Salesforce and Chatter
  • Up to 100 participants per meeting from any browser or mobile device
  • The first fully-integrated video collaboration app on Salesforce

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Blue Jeans has helped leading sales organizations to communicate
with customers more effectively

Our business is delivering tailored training for sales, service, telemarketing and management companies. Using the Blue Jeans service we are able to offer training to customers globally without the traditional frustration of trying to make video work outside the company. Customers connect using whatever video system they have, and it simply works.
Keith Strauss, President, Sales Concepts, Inc.

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