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BlueJeans for Sales

Helping you communicate and close

Client Reach

A 15% decrease in the length of the sales cycle can yield a 30% increase in revenue. And nothing closes deals faster than meeting face to face.

With BlueJeans, use a room system, laptop or mobile phone to meet with clients and take care of business—wherever you are.

Product Demos

Sometimes a live demo is infinitely more valuable than words. With BlueJeans, customers can see how your product works with their own eyes.

If a physical demo doesn’t suit what you sell, you can share a presentation on your screen or upload a video that shows how your product works.

Sales Training

Organizations that deployed sales training experienced a reduction in the sales cycle by 8.4% on a year-to-year basis.

BlueJeans lets you execute global training for your whole sales staff without the need for travel. Combining video conferencing with rich content sharing helps you engage reps and drive results.


Top performing sales organizations achieve an average forecast accuracy of 88% compared with 44% for the least successful orgs.

The key is to set goals and execution strategy as a team. BlueJeans enables you to do this over video with multi-point conferencing and rich content sharing.

Sales departments are currently using BlueJeans to…

  • Empower their sales people to get deals done faster by leveraging video conferencing
  • Meet externally with customers over video, eliminating the need to travel
  • Share presentations easily with internal team regardless of their geo location
  • Nurture $250M of partner pipeline with frequent videoconferencing, connecting room systems to each other and to browsers
  • Foster collaboration between remote sales offices throughout Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil
  • Increase productivity of sales team by having face-to-face communication with doctors about their medical devices
  • Demonstrate their product for prospective out-of-town customers
  • Obtain value from unused room systems and make it easier to have ad-hoc face-to-face interactions with customers