Room-to-Remote Video Conferencing Systems

From your conference room video system, you can have a BlueJeans meeting with other conference room systems, computers, and mobile devices. No additional hardware or software required. Just BlueJeans.

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In addition to conference room video systems, most companies have desktop software like Microsoft Lync or Cisco Jabber for internal chat and video. Employees also bring mobile devices to work. BlueJeans enables all of these devices and services to connect to the same video meeting for simple, any-device collaboration.

  • Other H.323/SIP Room and TelePresence systems
  • Web Browsers
  • Mobile Devices
  • Software-based Video Clients
  • PSTN Audio

See our list of supported platforms.

BlueJeans Interoperable Video Conferencing Solution

Ease of Use

Hosting meetings with your room system is incredibly easy using BlueJeans.

  • Simple scheduling, including integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Click to join meetings from email invitation
  • Intuitive in-meeting controls to mute/unmute, share/view content, change layouts, view participants
Easy-to-use BlueJeans Video Conferencing Service

Content Sharing

You can easily share content with other meeting participants from your conference room video system, including presentations, spreadsheets and videos.

  • HD screen sharing, up to 1080p resolution
  • Real-time video sharing by leveraging your laptop
  • Participant-controlled content and video window scaling
  • Zoom capability
HD Content Sharing - BlueJeans

Video Sharing

Ever wanted to share videos during a video conference? Now you can with the all-new video sharing feature

  • Upload videos for easy sharing during meetings
  • Synchronous playback across all meeting participants on any platform, including mobile devices and room systems
  • Push-to-talk for collaboration during video playback
  • Ability to scale shared video clip to ideal size
Video Sharing - BlueJeans

Mobile Friendly

Just about every employee uses mobile devices for work-related activities such as checking email and viewing presentations, so it’s important that these devices can connect to core communication services like video conferencing. BlueJeans enables smartphones and tablets to connect to the same video meetings as conference room systems and computers, helping you to collaborate with anybody while you’re on the go.


Conference room video systems can be complicated to manage, but BlueJeans makes everything easier by leveraging the cloud. You can instantly integrate BlueJeans with your existing video infrastructure and manage it from an intuitive admin console. BlueJeans also has enterprise-grade security features that keep your organization protected.

Cloud-Based Service

By leveraging the cloud, BlueJeans offers a solution that connects devices together into multi-party video conferences without requiring MCU hardware. You can also add users on demand, at your own pace.

Works with UC

BlueJeans extends the reach of your conference room video systems by connecting them to unified communications solutions like Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber, making video meetings with colleagues, customers and external partners effortless.



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Another benefit we are seeing is for remote workers to be a part of meetings in a much more constructive way than just a conference call. We've tried a few software video conferencing systems but they had us jumping through hoops to get a call up and running. We love our HD video conferencing system, and BlueJeans allows us to still use it regardless of the limitations of the system to connect to the outside.
Scott Schrieber
With BlueJeans you get a high quality video experience which makes it better than other desktop solutions. The type of connectivity BlueJeans offers with Skype and room system connections will be used more and more, allowing people to connect from anywhere, anytime – that’s true flexibility.
Mark Zuberbuhler

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