Rich Content & High Definition Video Sharing

Effective collaboration requires effective tools. At Blue Jeans Network, we're constantly looking for new ways to make our users' enterprise communications more streamlined, more capable, and more reliable. One of the factors that makes Blue Jeans stand out from the pack is its rich content and high definition video sharing functionality. We believe effective collaboration should be attainable from anywhere, and we're giving you the tools you need to make that happen.

Check out some of the details of Blue Jeans unified communication solutions tools:

Rich Content Sharing

Leveraging Blue Jeans' unique cloud-based conferencing platform, enterprise users can easily share and collaborate on files within the video conference. Whether you're in sales and want to deliver a presentation with slides, or if you're reviewing a spreadsheet with a client, Blue Jeans lets you seamlessly share the content you want with dual stream support to ensure high quality for both the video feed and the content.

High Definition Video Sharing

Blue Jeans even allows users to share high definition video within their conference window. There's no need for external video players, and all users watch a synchronized playback, so everyone stays on the same page, regardless of their choice of device. Users can pre-load files from their personal account to enable quick access during conference meetings.

Deliver a more effective product demonstration to potential customers, conduct a global training session with a prerecorded video, or screen the latest trailer for investors. For any high definition video sharing need, Blue Jeans is the easiest solution.

Recorded Content

Inevitably, we all miss a meeting from time to time. With Blue Jeans, meeting recording features allow you to catch up on everything that was covered at a later point. You won't need any supplementary materials to review, as Blue Jeans meeting recording includes all files, documents, audio and video content that was shared during the original meeting. All Blue Jeans users have access to basic recording features, and an additional Enhanced Recording suite is available with unlimited storage, online playback, and expanded sharing options.

Try out Blue Jeans with our 14-day unlimited free trial and see how better video conferencing and collaboration tools can benefit your business!