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White Paper

The New Reality of Video Conferencing

Technology is rapidly transforming the playing field for organizations and their IT teams. Systems and software are faster, smarter, and overall more efficient, and security, reliability, and availability have vastly improved.

But it is not only infrastructure that is being impacted by new technology. The way organizations are collaborating internally and externally is shifting, which is impacting company cultures. New communication channels are being implemented to accommodate the 21st century workforce, which is comprised of employees who want smarter, faster, and more efficient ways to work. Advancements in technology have made video conferencing, a once complicated and risky tool, a preferred method of collaboration.

So what does this mean for IT leaders supporting a modern workforce? This paper will focus on how today's video conferencing technology provides an easy-to-use, consistent user experience that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures, simplifies management and control, and is protected by enterprise-grade security.

New Reality of Video Conferencing
White Paper