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What should you look for in a virtual events platform?

Covid-19 has seen both internal and external events move online in droves, with the pandemic making in-person events largely unfeasible. While this move was initially out of necessity, many organizations have embraced virtual events, and are keen to find innovative ways of reaching customers and employees.
Due to the convenience of attending virtual events from the comfort of their own homes, the pivot to online has proved popular with attendees, offering savings in terms of cost, time and environmental impact.
This white paper, featuring bespoke research from Computing, will explore how organizations have responded to the challenges around both internal and external events over the past 12 months, their plans and opinions relating to the future, and what business leaders look for in a virtual event solution.
We’ll also discuss the challenges faced when doing business through the medium of video, and how this will change as workers return to the office. Finally, we pose the question, "Will future business events be predominantly hybrid?"

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White Paper