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Smart Strategies to Uplevel Your Virtual Presence in 2022

For content creators, entrepreneurs and marketers, it’s no longer sufficient to host a 1-way webinar or post a video once in a blue moon if they want to maintain a virtual presence and engage with their consumers.

Whether they are hosting product launches, a marketing webinar or a behind-the-scenes sneak peek — or all of the above — event hosts now need the ability to seamlessly pivot from livestreaming to interactive experiences without missing a beat.

With BlueJeans Studio, BlueJeans by Verizon’s new production tools for virtual events, it’s easy to produce stunning, professional-grade livestreams that don’t require a dedicated audio-visual team or specialized production support.

Download the white paper for five tips, tricks and strategies that will take your livestream to the next level in 2022.

Virtual Presence
White Paper