White Paper

Harness the Full Potential of
Your Existing Video
Conferencing Investments

Video conferencing makes sense. In fact, it has for years. Companies and employees clearly see the value of face-to-face communication, and they continue to search for platforms that will help them connect with colleagues, partners, and customers worldwide. Unfortunately, implementation and use of video conferencing is often lagging, typically due to lack of interoperability.

Download Harness the Full Potential of Your Existing Video Conferencing Investments to learn: 

  • How interoperability can make a difference in your video conferencing environment
  • Why employees typically avoid video conferencing and how you can deliver a solution they love
  • Which metrics are most important to measure and how to make it easy to measure them
  • How to use current video conferencing investments to provide an easy-to-use video environment organization-wide

This white paper discusses each of these subjects and more, helping you to use the video conferencing hardware you already have to help employees do their best work. It's time to harness the power of your current video conferencing investments. Learn how to do it properly. 

White Paper