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Unleashing Teamwork in the Workplace Through Video: Trends and Strategies from Forrester, Polycom and BlueJeans

Simplifying collaboration is all about the user experience. A recent Forrester study shows that as more companies use video to connect geographically dispersed teams, offering a consistent, easy-to-join meeting experience is critical. But, how do you reduce friction, improve employee engagement and achieve optimal, productive meetings?

  • Explore trends behind the explosive growth in modern video conferencing and how it’s impacting both IT and users
  • Learn how organizations are elevating the video-as-a-service meeting to an HD experience in rooms of all sizes
  • Discover how room systems are merging with seamless meeting experiences, calendar integrations, and powerful centralized analytics
  • Understand the critical success factors for productive collaboration solutions and how they are allowing customers to bring cloud-based video into rooms
  • See how Polycom and BlueJeans can help deliver the ultimate meeting experience together


Polycom Video Conferencing Webinar