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Closers Make Eye Contact

Selling on Video is the Quickest Path to Quota

We live in a video world, in which streaming, recording, and connectivity rates are higher than ever - and growing. The business of video is booming, but are businesses truly taking advantage of this? We here at BlueJeans are; by incorporating video into the selling process, the BlueJeans sales team has significantly improved its productivity - decreasing meeting times, building relationships faster, and increasing lead conversions by 25% (70% for leads that started the relationship through video rather than phone/email).

Watch this videocast, presented by Shadi Baqleh, Vice President of U.S. Sales here at BlueJeans Network, and learn how he has leveraged video in order to change the dynamic of the sales process - and its performance - here at Blue Jeans.

Shadi Explains:

  • Why your sales team should leverage video throughout the entire sales cycle, and how doing so can significantly impact your team's performance
  • How face-to-face video experiences throughout the sales process can increase deal close rates and conversion rates while simultaneously decreasing deal cycle length
  • How video can turn the "presentation" into a conversation and help build strong, long-lasting relationships

Our Expert Speaker:

SHADI BAQLEH VICE PRESIDENT SALES , Bluejeans Network As VP of Sales for BlueJeans Network, Shadi is responsible for all sales and customer acquisition activities. Shadi brings over 15 years of SaaS and collaboration experience to the Blue Jeans Team. Prior to Blue Jeans, Shadi ran a Mid-Market & Enterprise Sales Team within the UC Group at Cisco WebEx. Shadi was part of the original WebEx team acquired by Cisco in 2007. At WebEx, Shadi built and ran WebEx’s Advanced Services Sales Team and 3rd Party Connect Applications Sales Groups. Prior to WebEx, Shadi served as Assistant Vice President at Bank of America working within the Premier Banking Group. Shadi earned his BA from UC Berkeley and his MBA from Santa Clara University.

Closers Make Eye Contact