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Verizon + BlueJeans: Better Together

It’s simple, BlueJeans and Verizon are better together.

Fueled by the workplace changes of 2020, both companies have focused efforts on addressing customers’ most pressing needs and reimagining the workplace of the future.

Together, Verizon and BlueJeans have been pushing forward the power of secure video conferencing, improving user experience, and extending the global footprint to deliver incredible quality at scale.

Watch BlueJeans CMO and VP of Product Management and Verizon’s Executive Director, Advanced Communications Products and you’ll:

  • Learn why BlueJeans + Verizon together is important for your company's future
  • Understand how and where 5G will make a difference
  • See a snapshot of planned BlueJeans innovations for 2021
  • Get answers to your questions about what this collaboration means for you