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Return-to-Office with Microsoft Teams & Cloud Video Interop

As the global pandemic continues to create uncertainty in many parts of the world, there are some regions where returning to the office has become more reality than fiction. As facilities managers and IT teams begin to prepare for this next phase of “normalcy,” it’s critical that they identify and mitigate blockers that will prevent their operations from running smoothly.

Near the top of the list is figuring out how to sustain enterprise-wide communication and collaboration in a hybrid workforce model, where a significant percentage of the workforce remains at home, while another segment returns back to the office.

As Microsoft Teams has ascended to become the primary communications platform for many enterprises across the globe, it’s now critical that IT and Facilities begin to understand how to video-enable their conference rooms and collaboration workspaces to support employees that are coming back into the office environment, while others remain remote.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Decision criteria for evaluating return-to-office preparedness
  • Different approaches for Teams-enabling conference rooms
  • The benefits of Microsoft Certified Cloud Video Interop