How McCarthy Buiding Co. Used a Training Program to Increase Adoption of BlueJeans


Construction company, McCarthy Building Co. adopted BlueJeans as their standardized video conferencing solution to increase meeting quality, save employee time and reduce miscommunication.

IT Training Manager, CJ Reed, developed and implemented an instructor-led training program that increased the adoption of BlueJeans by 179%. Using this program, he onboarded over 1500 employees, deployed BlueJeans Rooms throughout 15+ buildings and rotating remote locations, and transitioned a largely onsite workforce to a remote one.

Join us in a conversation with CJ Reed as he shares his experience with:

  • How he implemented a training program that achieved an adoption rate of 179%
  • How they use BlueJeans Smart Meetings to increase productivity both internally and with trade partners
  • How the creation of a video-first conferencing culture has fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • How to efficently transition traditionally field employees to virtual remote workers