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The Future of Work: Trends in the Modern Workplace

BlueJeans understands the workplace is rapidly changing. Employees are geographically dispersed and organizations are looking for ways to accelerate productivity, improve efficiencies, and solidify corporate culture and engagement. Technology plays a large part of that change.

In this webinar, Joe Mann, BlueJeans Manager of Sales Engineering, discusses the top trends in the market today. He'll answer questions like:

  • How does the need for workforce productivity play into the digital transformation?
  • With so many new tools on the market, how do organizations know which are necessary and which are redundant?
  • How is the modern workforce changing where people are located and how offices are designed?
  • What tools are needed for employees to communicate effectively and collaboratively across countries and time zones?

Watch the webinar to discover how the four trends of modern work—flexibility, mobility, teamwork, and intelligence—will impact you and your organization.

Future of Work Webinar