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Avoid Epic Webinar Fails: 5 Tips for Better Presentations



Live video presentations are more popular than ever as organizations connect with large, distributed audiences. Whether your team hosts webinars for marketing, product announcements, or thought leadership with industry experts, make sure you don’t get tripped up by these easy-to-avoid mistakes.

Founder & CEO of Let’s Do Video, David Maldow, joins BlueJeans for a detailed interview regarding the best practices, dos, and don’ts to effectively stream content in a live setting. David’s analysis and coverage of the video webinar market has generated key lessons from the field to help you maximize the fullest potential of your technology. Additionally, get live speaking and presentation tips for your webinar-from-home schedule as most virtual events continue outside of traditional offices.
Don’t let bad webinars happen to good people! Register now to discover these critical components of a rock-solid webinar:
  • Learn the overlooked aspects of your webinar software to ensure flawless delivery of content
  • See how you can set up a professional background appearance from inside your home
  • Incorporate an approachable demeanor and ‘human’ navigation of unexpected twists and turns
  • Be open to on-the-fly questions while still reserving audience participation for the end of your presentation
  • Leverage audience communication tools for a two-way interaction between hosts and guests


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