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University of Louisville: Teaching Live Surgery Using BlueJeans

On-Demand Webinar


The University of Louisville created a program, Pulse of Surgery, connecting middle and high school students to surgeons, nursing staff and perfusionists during live open-heart surgery.

They are utilizing BlueJeans Rooms and BlueJeans Meetings to teach and share information in spaces, like surgical rooms, that were otherwise off-limits to students. Their program is providing a unique first-hand experience that can only be facilitated by video conferencing.

Also, during the COVID-19 crisis, the University of Louisville is adapting its use of video conferencing from education to operational to ease healthcare professionals' workload and help patients without meeting them on-site.

Join our conversation with the University of Louisville and learn:
  • Insider tips on how to access traditionally isolated work environments
  • The benefits of video conferencing equipment
  • How universities hospitals are easing the burden of COVID-19



Timothy Bickel
TeleHealth Director, University of Louisville