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On-Demand: 4 Steps to Webinar Growth - Plan Your Webinar from Concept to Launch

On-Demand Webinar - Sponsored by AMA

Webinars are more than a stand-alone marketing program — they’re a chance for businesses to open their (virtual) doors to customers for a human-to-human connection. Whether it’s a first touchpoint to educate new prospects or part of a mid-funnel ABM campaign, webinars are a critical business driver that establishes trust and chemistry throughout the buying cycle.

Throughout 2020 webinars have taken center-stage as an essential part of the marketing mix. And as you start to build your demand strategy in a post-COVID world, it will be critical to rethink how and where webinars will make the most impact to your bottom line.

Watch and learn how to develop and manage your webinar strategy from concept to launch. Whether you’re new to webinars or have a tested track record, you’ll get a fresh perspective on how to elevate your streaming strategy and optimize every stage of the customer journey.

    • Webinar 101: Past and Present -
      Webinar software has been available for years but are you fully aware of the modern feature upgrades that help capitalize on audience participation? As an essential aspect of your marketing playbook, this session focuses on the evolving expectations of webinar attendees and their relationship with your content.
    • Defining Your Webinar KPIs -
      Defining your webinar program goals upfront is critical for tracking and optimization once your programs are in flight. Webinar KPIs and attendee insights offer a sustainable lead generation solution that reduces your reliance on external vendors. As the manager and evangelist for webinar impact on business success, learn how you can project pipeline and opportunity streams with this in-house resource.
    • Effective Product Demonstrations and Sales Follow-Up -
      Given the innumerable (digital) campaigns and messages clamoring for the attention of new prospects, it’s become more challenging than ever to stand out – even with a captive audience on a webinar. Learn how to cut through the noise and deliver real-time demonstrations with highly impressionable live events.
    • Propelling Your Business with the Future of Webinars
      How do we keep up with the pace of change and distraction? As customers and prospects endlessly answer a barrage of emails and requests throughout the workday, webinars can be an effective tactic to hit them between the eyes with an unforgettable message. Learn more about the dynamic roadmap for live streaming technology and how it will benefit both admins and end-users.
    • Polling Results and Live Q&A
      Time to reveal our results from all polling data collected throughout the week! Tune in to learn more about what’s trending among your peers and influencers in the world of webinar management. Plus, we’ll address all comments and questions raised throughout the week in this interactive format.