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5 Fast Hacks to Recharge Your Event Strategy Webinar BlueJeans and Marketing Week

Webinars are more than a stand-alone marketing program — they’re a chance for businesses to open their (virtual) doors to customers for a human-to-human connection. Whether it’s a first touchpoint to educate new prospects or part of a mid-funnel ABM campaign, webinars are a critical business driver that establish trust and chemistry throughout the buying cycle.

Throughout 2020 webinars have taken center-stage as an essential part of the marketing mix. And as you start to build your demand strategy in a post-COVID world, it will be critical to rethink how and where webinars will make the most impact to your bottom line.

Join the webinar to get key insights into the business of webinars, as this session encourages webinar managers to rethink online events as more than just another marketing program. Learn how to open your virtual ‘doors’ to customers by creating a highly strategic stream of opportunities.

On this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How modern webinars fit into your overall marketing and business model
  • Tips and tricks to fight webinar fatigue (for managers and attendees)
  • The best ways to promote products and services via webinars. How webinars can be a highly effective and self-contained opportunity generator
  • The future of webinars and their influence over customer relationships