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Unboxing and Installing BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone

Bring HD video conferencing, spatial audio, and wireless screen sharing capabilities to any meeting space with BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone. It installs in minutes, lets people join meetings with one touch, and allows everyone to hear with exceptional clarity while limiting background noise.

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Robert [0:11] Hi, today I’m going to be showing you how easy it is to bring in the power of BlueJeans into your conference room using the Dolby Conference Phone. Everything you need for your installation comes in one package. Once set up and configured, you’ll be able to join your video and audio sessions with one touch. Here we have the Dolby Conference Phone, the Intel Knock, and the Brio camera. Now that we have unpacked all our items, we’ll go ahead and continue the configuration. Connect the logitech camera to the USB port, the ethernet cable to the back of the nook, as well as run the HDMI out the monitor. Now I’ll go ahead and connect the power to the Intel Nook. Once connected, we’ll connect the power of the ethernet cable to the Dolby conference phone. We’ll want to make sure that we get that paired with what is being displayed on the television screen, so we’ll select “set up video room” and enter the code as is shown. We’ll enter a new name for the room, for this we will call it “Board Room”. Once the pairing is complete, we’ll go ahead and select “allow” on the screen. This will allow us to capture pertinent information if there are issues. Once the pairing options have been completed, it will restart the PC. Once the PC restarts, the room’s software will launch automatically. The pairing is complete; you’ll now be able to use your Dolby Conference Phone to drive into BlueJeans Sessions. To enable Calendar integration, select the settings keys, connect to command center, enter the code into command center to prepare for calendar integration. Once the room has been paired to your calendar service, the created meetings will automatically show up on the display. Select “join” on their meeting and you’ll automatically be joined on into your video session.

Dolby Conference Phone [1:56] Welcome to BlueJeans!

Robert [1:58-2:24] Once that call has been established, you’ll then have all of your call controls directly on the device. With BlueJeans Rooms and powered with Dolby’s Spatial Audio allows you to use the same solution no matter what size room, either in a small huddle room or in a large board room. I hope that this video is showing you how easy it is to install, set up, configure, and use the solution that can empower any of your rooms regardless of size.