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Product Video

BlueJeans Relay: Touch-to-Join Meeting Solution

BlueJeans Relay integrates calendar applications, conference room systems, and everyday tablet computers to make it easy and automatic to join a meeting. Visit to learn more about BlueJeans Relay, the innovative touch-to-join online meeting solution!


Narrator [0:01-0:54] Introducing BlueJeans Relay! One of the challenges of joining a video conference is using the remote control, and training your end users. Users are continuously late for meetings, struggling with a complicated remote control. Relay makes this easy. All you have to do is add a BlueJeans link to your calendar invite. This adds it to the relay touch app. At this point just tap to join the meeting. Now you can meet face to face. No meeting IDs, no passcodes. Just face to face communication. Want to know more? Just go to