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Product Video

Intro to BlueJeans Video Communication

At BlueJeans Network, we make video communication easy, secure and scalable. Our interoperable, cloud-based solution is making online conversations, meetings and events personal again. BlueJeans has taken video meetings into the mainstream, giving thought leaders in business, education, media, and entertainment the power to interact face-to-face with anyone, anywhere. Start your free 14-day trial -


Narrator [0:01-1:55] BlueJeans brings your great minds together to transform the way you collaborate. Want to host the global company training, connect with remote employees, or interview candidates face to face? You could pay costly travel fees or use BlueJeans to harness the power of face to face. Bluejeans video collaboration is easy, accessible, and fit for business. With a cloud-based inner operable solution, BlueJeans brings people together. Whether it’s on a room system, laptop or mobile device, you can meet face to face with coworkers, customers, and customers. Because there is no hardware to buy or software to install, you can add users at your own pace. BlueJeans supports up to a hundred in points in a meeting, and with the new BlueJeans prime time service, you can add up to 3,000 participants. BlueJeans takes the complexity out of video meetings with click-to-join meetings. One, send your invites and email with a secure URL goes out. Two, pick your device (phone, tablet, computer, conferencing equipment). Three, join your meeting and experience the benefits of face to face communication. BlueJeans has even more great options like scheduling integrations with Microsoft outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar, screen sharing to show everyone in the meeting the latest marketing slides, spreadsheets, or HD video clips, and the ability to record meetings within your BlueJeans account for playback and sharing. Bottom line: BlueJeans makes video conferencing easy for everyone no matter the devices or platforms you’re using. Try BlueJeans for free and get unlimited meetings for two weeks.