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Product Video

BlueJeans with Dolby Voice: Hearing is Believing

BlueJeans with Dolby Voice
We've all experienced difficulties with audio during conference calls. BlueJeans with Dolby Voice changes the game by providing a major breakthrough in audio quality for video calls across desktops, mobile devices and conference rooms. Experience clearer, more natural sounding conversations for both in-room and remote meeting attendees.

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone
A superior meeting room experience. BlueJeans Rooms coupled with the Dolby Conference Phone is the ideal video solution for any space. Make every meeting space easier to setup, control and manage by putting the Dolby Conference Phone in any BlueJeans Room.

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Narrator [0:01] Here’s your team preparing for the big call, ready to bring it home.

Dan [0:06] Let’s bring this thing home!

Narrator [0:07] And with BlueJeans and Dolby Voice, that’s easy. It starts with a simple intuitive connection.

Michael [0:15] Hey guys!

Kim [0:16] Morning, everyone!

Dan [0:17] Morning? Kim it’s 2pm.

Kim [0:18] Well, it’s morning somewhere!

Everyone [laughter]

Narrator [0:21] BlueJeans with Dolby Voice means things are going well, very well. But here’s that same call without BlueJeans with Dolby Voice.

Dan [0:28] Alright team, time to bring it home.

Chad [0:33] Uhhh, wha-wha-what do I...

Jennifer [0:35] You need to dial “1” first.

Chad [0:37] Yeah, I dialed 1, Jennifer.

Jennifer [0:39] Well, is there a link?

Dan [0:40] Here, I’ll try to find it. Uhhh, maybe try the remote, maybe.

Jennifer [0:44] Make sure this is plugged in.

Narrator [0:45] When you have BlueJeans Rooms with the Dolby Voice Conference phone, things like that just don’t happen.

Everyone [laughter continued]

Dan [0:50] Hey, you guys remember the rest of the team?

Kim [0:53] How could we forget!

Everyone [laughter]

Narrator [0:56] and neither does this.

Dan [0:58] Now, don’t. Is that it? Hey, all! Sorry for the buffering.

Michael [1:04] Hey!

Kim [1:05] Morning, everyone.

Dan [1:06] Hey, hey Kim. Um, I think there is a problem with the audio.

Narrator [1:11] Poor audio quality takes the fun out of any meeting. Here’s what BlueJeans with Dolby Voice’s unrivaled audio clarity sounds like.

Dan [1:19] You’ve already seen the deck?

Kim [1:20] Yes, we have, Dan, and I’m going to be frank with you; this team is not just impressed, super impressed. I think we have a huge win on our hands, right Michael?

Michael [1:30] Absolutely! This is terribly good work guys; our competition is in serious trouble. If I were them, I’d be begging for mercy.

Everyone [laughter]

Narrator [1:39] With Dolby Voices’ noise reduction technology, the message is always crystal-clear no matter where your calls are. How do things sound for everyone else?

Dan [1:48] You’ve obviously seen the deck?

Kim [1:50] Yes, we have Dan and I’m going to be frank with you. This team is not impressed; you guys disappoint. I think we have a huge [unintelligible] on our hands. Right, Michael?

Michael [2:02] Absolutely, this is terrible, if I was [unintelligible] I’d be begging for mercy [laughter]

Narrator [2:09] Without reliable audio, the meaning of a conversation can change completely. BlueJeans with Dolby Voice keeps conversations natural and easy.

Dan [2:18] Well, it sounds to me like it’s time to celebrate.

Michael [2:20] Yeah, yeah Karaoke? Chad, you first?

Chad [2:22] No, no, no, no. No chance, I’m not karaoking.

Dan [2:26] Chad has a lovely falsetto.

Chad [2:27] Well, that’s true!

Everyone [laughter]

Narrator [2:32] And here’s what we sound like without natural speech.

Dan [2:35] This is unexpected.

Michael [2:38] Dan, I don’t think you’re hearing me.

Dan [2:40] Oh no, Michael I hear you, loud and clear. Thank you for the candor, really appreciate it. It’s not like our work, apparently. Our boss is going to be really glad to say goodbye to this project. She thinks this thing is an absolute...

Michael [2:56] Dan!

Kim [2:57] No, let him finish!

Dan [2:58] Kim, Michael, it’s been fun. Goodbye.

Chad [3:04] Oh, its uh

Dan [3:06] Can you? Oh.

Chad [3:09] Let me. Did you double click? I don’t know how.

Dan [3:14] You know, we were planning a karaoke party for you guys.

Narrator [3:18] BlueJeans with Dolby Voice makes conversations easy. Good conversations mean great relationships.

Kim [3:25] Alright then. So, we’ll see you on Friday?

Dan [3:27] Sounds Good! Bye now.

Narrator [3:29] BlueJeans with Dolby Voice, hearing is believing.

Dan [3:33] Perfect!

Jennifer [3:34-3:36] Yes, awesome!