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Product Video

Introducing BlueJeans Events (formerly Primetime)

BlueJeans Events is a scalable, cloud-based platform that enables presenters to interact over video and stream their event to thousands of viewers. It is the ideal solution for all-hands meetings, webinars and large-scale events. Present from a computer or a room system and watch or listen via desktop, mobile or room connection – providing access for everyone, no matter where they are. Learn more -



Narrator [0:05-1:40] BlueJeans has reinvented online events. Imagine podiums and auditoriums without limits, where you can engage your audience beyond the boundaries of a traditional venue, combining the interactivity and engagement of a video meeting, with the scalability and reach of a broadcast event. BlueJeans events are a video first technology, and a collaborative experience extending possibilities far beyond today’s conventional webinars. BlueJeans Events give participants the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Events can include interactivity from the audience with up to 100 live video streams supported simultaneously. What makes BlueJeans most unique is that attendees can raise their hands and get promoted by a moderator. Joining the interactive session gives any attendee the opportunity to be seen and heard. Presenters and attendees can join the event from any video enabled conferencing room, desktop ,or mobile device. Ask questions, comment, and engage with speakers on camera, moderators have the ability to promote and control all interactions, ensuring a smooth event that is self-service and professional for all. Take the experience even further with HD content and video sharing, and download-free access means entering the event is simple with an easily shared URL link. Use cases for executive townhalls, trainings, and marketing webinars, serving smarter technology for business, education, entertainment, media and more. Share the stage with end to end immersive video streaming.