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Meeting Mindfulness: Four Video Conferencing Mistakes to Avoid

Become a video conferencing rock star! When done right, video is fueling today’s conversations by providing an active and engaging environment. But because video is new to most, it is easy to fall victim to some of the common faux pas of video conferencing. We've put together some fun tips to keep your meetings memorable for the right reason. Let’s all put our best face forward.


Narrator [0:00] Hello. Down, down, down. Thank you. Video is fueling today’s conversations and after hosting millions of meeting, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Doing our part to create a more collaborative world, we have designed these helpful hints to make sure you are putting your best face forward. Make sure that you turn off all desktop communication services while sharing your desktop. You number one moms be a big superstar, you!

Presenter [0:47] Uh, let me start again. Success is really critical to our business today. We really want to build something amazing and it has to be successful so uh yeah that’s basically the bottom line.

Narrator [1:02] Pre-primping is preferable.

Coworker [1:12] Wow Brittany you look fabulous.

Brittany [1:13] Oh shoot sorry you guys

Narrator [1:20] When it comes to lighting, avoid casting angelic halos, terrifying your audience, and this is not a game of hide and seek. A whole new way to leave a lasting impression.

Coworker [1:38] We’re circle back with you tomorrow to discuss the next steps

Clark [1:40] Alright guys, that sounds great. We’ll talk tomorrow, Bye!

Coworker [1:43] Bye Clark! Have a good morning! Oh...

Coworker [1:49] Looks like you forgot something! I think I have that same onesie!

Narrator [1:58] BlueJeans, keeping meetings memorable, for the right reasons.