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Product Video

BlueJeans Rooms (formerly Huddle) Product Overview

BlueJeans Rooms enables group video meetings across your workplace with a single platform that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use. Connect your business with video-ready rooms designed to work for you. Learn more:


Narrator [0:05-1:16] BlueJeans Huddle video enables all of your meeting spaces, making them easting to set up, easy to use, and simple to manage. Eliminate the frustration of starting video meetings with touch-to-join simplicity. Each schedule meeting is synced automatically with your conference room calendar. Even if you don’t have a conference room reserved, Huddle recognizes you entering the room and offers to start your meeting for you. With wireless screensharing, calendar system integration, and a friendly, simple-to-navigate interface, users can focus on what matters. And, friendly wrap-up reminders ensure your meeting starts and ends on time. Huddle integrates with BlueJeans command center dashboard for real-time room insights, trouble shooting, and remote meeting moderation. Use your own hardware or order a preassembled hardware kit. BlueJeans Huddle makes video easy to use everywhere because every video meeting should happen as naturally as meeting in person.