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Product Video

Now Available: BlueJeans 2.0 for iOS

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Narrator [0:00-2:05]: Welcome to BlueJeans 2.0 for iOS! With our 2.0 app, we kept a lot of the same functionality you love, with a new user interface. But now, you can go to your calendar items, swipe, and join by voice only or full video. If you own the meeting, then you can also edit or delete meeting. You can also still just tap in to get the meeting information, and have the option to join with voice of full video from there. Once you’re in the meeting, you can do the things you always did before: you can tap the self-view to go from front to back camera, you can tap the upper right to get into the chat about the meeting, and you can go to the left to change layouts, share documents, or invite others if you own the meeting. You can also tap the top middle to see who is in the meeting with the roster. Tap it again to dismiss it. If you want to save battery or bandwith, you can also go into low-bandwith mode. All you have to do is swipe up anywhere in the meeting, and you go into low-bandwith mode. All cameras are turned off, if content is being shared, you’re shown it. When the phone is up to your ear, it acts just like a handset like a normal phone call. To get out of it and go back to speaker, you just remove it from your ear, and to get out of the audio-only mode, you swipe down and you’re back into the full BlueJeans meeting. We’ve also added a me-tab. This is where you join your own meeting room, or you adjust settings for your entry into meetings. Here you can decide how you’d like to join meetings and turn on enough notifications. On your personal meeting, all you have to do is just tap join my room. The quick action menu lets you join meetings by meeting ID, or you can schedule a meeting. The app background also changes with the time of day. Want to know more? Go to for more information.