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BlueJeans Streaming: Multi-Party, Interactive Video for Facebook Live

With BlueJeans Streaming for Facebook Live, the possibilities of what you can do are endless. See how our customers are using BlueJeans for everything from marketing launches, to celebrity interviews, to cooking shows! Sign up free today.


Steve [0:06] Hey everybody! My name is Steve Mesler and I’m going to host our panel today.

Andre [0:11] I gave [unintelligable] at the Facebook Live TV Show.

Brian [0:15] Today, we are starting our first ever social media round table.

Mari [0:19] And, we are live! Hello, hello!

Guy [0:24] And I want to show you this great tool for Facebook Live. Uhh, I’m sitting in Silicon Valley. You’ll see other windows here; there are people in London, there are people in India, there are people in Mountain View. We are all over the world!

Mari [0:39] This is Mari Smith coming to you live from lovely, sunny San Diego and in the house, we have the team from Mael and gee, OMG, we are fully live and launching today.

Joe [0:54] Welcome to the uhh. We’re here at the BlueJeans headquarters here in Silicon Valley, California for what should be a very interesting and wide-ranging conversation about the Player’s Tribune and new media. I’ll start off with our two main panelists. We have Jared Geter, who I don’t think needs any introduction, founders of the Player’s Tribune Jaime Misler, who also doesn’t need any introduction.

Rizala [1:17] We’re testing out this really cool system where, like, you could have more than one person live, so you can interview people. This is going to be so exciting when we launch the Brown Rep program.

Guy [1:28] And we have an esteemed group of people today, and I’m going to start with asking Daniel Danker from Facebook to come on. Daniel is the director of products for Facebook Live, so ,first of all, Daniel, we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy! Thank you so much for making Facebook Live. In your honor, I wore my Facebook shirt.

George [1:52] If you guys could only smell this, you’d be in heaven. So, I’m just going to start chopping apples real quick. You guys can see me over here; you can see me right here. I’ve got my eye on that bacon back there. So, I'm just going to kind of cut around. Let me cut one of these in half and see what they look like; ok, these are going to be pretty easy.

Vikash [2:15] Hi, my name is Vikash and I’m in grade seven from Bear Creek, and my question is: “our classroom champions topic of the month deals with fairness. In what ways have improvements in technology added to the fairness of sports.”

Christian [2:31] And now we have a high-speed camera that puts exactly where your foot position is and it just keeps it a very even playfield, so even if an official doesn’t see it, you can always review on the camera.

Steve [2:43] Thank you guys all for an awesome session. Thank you BlueJeans for hosting this for us, and everybody that joined us.

Mari [2:51] Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this is just a beginning and what a great, great day.

George [2:57-3:05] If you love everything I’m doing right now, please do me a favor and send a ton of hearts across the screen, so I know, and share this video.