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Unboxing BlueJeans Rooms Featuring Dolby Voice Room

Are your conference rooms equipped to support better interactions between teams, partners and clients? See how BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room maximizes outcomes by easily transforming meeting spaces into naturally collaborative smart rooms that adapt to the way you work.
Watch how easy it is to get a BlueJeans Rooms featuring Dolby Voice Room up and running while eliminating traditional room system headaches. This solution is now also available in an all-inclusive, subscription offering through BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service. Modernize your rooms and huddle spaces like never before with today’s premier converged conference room solution.


Sharni: [0:04-1:22] Today we’re going to see how simple and easy it is to unbox and set up a BlueJeans room featuring the Dolby Voice room. Let’s go ahead and get started! This handy manual walks you through the four simple steps of setting up a BlueJeans room. As you can see, we only have three components: the Dolby Conference Phone the Dolby Camera, and The Dolby Voice Hub. There are multiple mounting options for the hub and the camera for different configurations. Let’s connect our devices! Now, we are ready to configure the BlueJeans room. Enter the pairing code on the Dolby Conference phone. Click on the join button. The Dolby Voice Room can be set up for automatic framing. The camera adjusts the view to fit the participants in the room using intelligence scene framing. Easily share your room’s whiteboard with a single click. You can also share your digital content wirelessly. Now you have the option of getting BlueJeans rooms as a service featuring the Dolby Voice Room. It’s a simple all-inclusive solution that makes acquiring and managing your room system a breeze.